It all started with the transcription of the Lemon Song. Now you must know, that having a good reading skill is something
that Bob Marinelli has worked on and has been developing since grade school. Reading skills have proven to be a powerful asset throughout Bob`s career. This Lemon Song transcription presented some big challenges. It`s very technical and highly syncopated. To casually read through it and be expected to sound like something, would take abilities far beyond those of mortal man. Bob had to work on it!
One day Bob showed the transcription to his friend Ed Greene. Ed has also built a career on good reading skills. Frequently, on a recording session, there is no written drum part. There is a Master Rhythm chart with a written bass line. From that bass line, Ed would determine his kick patterns and and everything else would fall into place. Ed thought it might be fun to write a drum part that would pick up all the syncopation in the transcription.
They really had to work on it! The challenge was getting it to feel relaxed so that it would sit down.

One day on a recording session, their friend Steve Williams, Nashville producer and promoter, showed up with a camera. He made a video recording of their performance and posted it on YouTube. All kinds of positive comments started flooding in.

Alfons Kettner saw the video. He really liked the groove and the way Bob and Ed locked in together. Alfons expressed a desire to collaborate. You have most certainly heard the guitar of Alfons Kettner. Most notably on the Bobby Caldwell hit single, “What You Won`t Do For Love”, which Alfons co-wrote.

The first time the three got together, they came up with a wicked, funky groove with a serious edge to it! Throughout the development process, Bob and Ed would begin to create their parts, and help Alfons structure his rough ideas. Alfons immediately schedualed a recording session. On a chilly weekend in February, 2007, they recorded their first track. Once the basic track was cut, the engineer, Matthew Balch, asked for a title. No one had a clue. Anna Nicole Smith had passed that weekend, and it was Bob`s suggestion that they name the first track “Anna Nicole”.
Track #1: “Anna Nicole”. The GREENE MACHINE record is born.